How fat are you?

Everybody has a different body shape. Some smaller or bigger than others. Each body shape has defining characteristics that give it its specific shape.

Answer these 15 questions to find out which body shape fits you the most. Are you skinny, pudgy, chubby, potted, fat or just plain obese. Answer each question as accurately as possible.

Created by: Turfhurf16
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  1. How many meals do you eat a day?
  2. How much does your belly stick out from you're waistline?
  3. How tired do you get walking up stairs?
  4. How much does your belly jiggle when you walk?
  5. How often do you exercise?
  6. How much can you squeeze you belly when sitting down?
  7. How much can you squeeze you're belly when standing up?
  8. How much does your belly spill over your pants when sitting down?
  9. How much does your belly spill over your pants when standing up?
  10. What do you see when you look down?
  11. Where is your belly when you are sitting down?
  12. What shape is your belly?
  13. What belly type do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: How fat am I?