I seen sum prety bed speling in my life, sumtimes their funnie, others times their shucking! I think its beccuse english has a vary non foneticall spelin...

Soo... Our YOU god at spelin? This tast has no vary manny dificolt quastiuns, so im hopin too see a hi levul of write answears...! if not thats okey to...!

Created by: Alex
  1. What's the contracted form of "you are"?
  2. Which of the following words means "strange, odd, awkward, bizarre"?
  3. Which of the following options could replace the word "many" in the sentence "I'm making many mistakes!"?
  4. Which of the following sentences correctly relates a regret?
  5. What word indicates that something belongs to "them"?
  6. What's the past tense of the verb "think"?
  7. Which word means "in a true manner"?
  8. What's the opposite of "ugly"?
  9. Which of the following sequences of 6 words correctly fills the 6 blanks in the sentence "He told me ___ buy cakes, so I bought ___, but he ended up buying ___ ___, and that's ___ many cakes ___ eat!"?
  10. Which of the following pairs of words is correct?
  11. Which of the following options would correctly fill the blank in the sentence "This is the guy _____ babysitting for us!"?
  12. Which words, in the presented order, can correctly fill the blanks in the sentence "If you can beat this guy, ____ you will be richer ____ anybody else in the world!"?
  13. Which words, in the order presented, correctly fill the blanks in the sentence "The Earth is ___ planet, in ___ universe full of planets."?
  14. What about this one? "The Earth is ___ unusual planet, where trolling is considered ___ art."?

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