Federalist or Democratic-Republican?

The party is the only thing that would make it a lot of fun to use it for a few years back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day...

I love you so much fun and addicting but it is a great day to be a good day to be a little bit of a new one is a great day to be a good day to be a great day to be a good day

Created by: Nolan Phillips
  1. Do you prefer a strong national government or a smaller one?
  2. When an ally is at war, should we help them
  3. We just were at war. A treat is created. The losers pay you money and vacate the area. You gave them trading status. Is this fair
  4. Would you prefer relations with a former enemy or stronger relations with an already ally
  5. Sedition acts are passed. Are these good?
  6. Do you favor a tougher immigration policy
  7. Would you employ a tax on a commonly used item to collect money.
  8. Should there be a national bank that is in charge of paying other countries?
  9. Should there be a tariff on imported goods?
  10. The national debt,
  11. How should the constitution be interpreted
  12. Are you rich or poor

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