Are you a Federalist or a Democratic-Republican?

In this quiz you will find out how your beliefs would have lined up during the time of your founding fathers. Will you align with Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans? Or with Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists?

If you are interested more about these two political parties, there are deeper explanations into their beliefs on YouTube. Go check them out if you want to satisfy your need to learn.

Created by: Alexander
  1. After the revolutionary war, should we be allies with the superpower of England, our original ally France?
  2. Do you think a national bank is a good idea, or do you think that states should implement their own taxes and pay back their debts individually?
  3. Should the United States impose tariffs on other countries?
  4. Should the government be allowed to do things that are not stated in the constitution?
  5. If you are living in Maryland right now, would you rather that your tax rates are set by the federal government, or by Maryland?
  6. Do you think business or farming is more important to the foundation of America?
  7. Should the government be allowed to tax commonly used items to collect money?
  8. Do you trust other states to act in the well being of all of their constituents?
  9. Are people in America mostly stupid or smart?
  10. Should the government be run by the smartest people who went to the best colleges or by everyday people?
  11. Should the President have more or less power?
  12. What is the best country in the world?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Federalist or a Democratic-Republican?