Fart Trivia Quiz

Hello! This is my Fart Trivia Quiz. I worked so hard on it, but, luckily finished in one shot! I really hope you liked this quiz and I hope you score what you would like to score. I wish you good luck! See you later.

So, do YOU know alot about farts? Do you have what it takes to be a major fart knowledger? Until this second you will only wonder. But, because I made this quiz you will know in one to two minutes. Thanks for taking my quiz and good fart greetings, but I'll just say-bye!

Created by: The best tomboy

  1. hi
  2. What are Fartz made up of?
  3. you axedently poop when you fart sometimes
  4. Are fartz bad for you
  5. to by time is to fart a minute goes by
  6. kay last question then i'll rely on something else
  7. do fartz bring laughter
  8. 3 more
  9. i just farted
  10. see yam

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