Farm Story: The Almighty Noob Quiz

Some people play Farm Story by TeamLava but don't understand what it really is. Design a farm and plant delicious fruits, veggies and beautiful flowers. Download it now on your smartphone. These people are called 'noobs'.

Are you a noob? Take this quiz to find out. It's so easy! Only 10 questions to answer! If you scored 4 or less questions right, that means that you are a noob.

Created by: The Quizmaster

  1. You suddenly realise someone that you are a fan of has left. How do you respond?
  2. It is OK to send a message that consists of only emoticons.
  3. What are the rules about swearing?
  4. Which one of these makes you more of a noob?
  5. Which one of these is considered more noobish?
  6. Do you tell what your farm looks like in comments?
  7. Someone has a blank farm. What do you do?
  8. Not knowing how to plant crops makes you a noob.
  9. Your farm has just been banned. What do you do in this situation?
  10. How long does waiting to collect money from animals usually take? Animals bought from the 'Decorations' section in the store do not count.

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