Fantasy Island...

Fantasy Island. Its an island based in the pacific ocean. of course it' s not real, as far as we know 0.o If you were stranded there with four guys, who would you choose. remember, you have to live with them until you are rescued.

Alex, Josh, Jessie and Jacb. they are the four guys, so have fun and beware of who you choose. with everyone living together. your decision could spark a war with the only friends youve got left. watch out because on fantasy island, nothing is as it seams. ;)

Created by: XD_doodler_XD
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  1. It's time for the school camp. this year you finally convinced your principle to let your class go on a boat for camp. So with all your gear packed and everybody finally have arrived, you set off on your three week adventure. "Hey, ________ how you been. havent seen you since last week." you turn to see your friend Beth walking over to you. "Good, been a little busy at home. But it's good to see you." you say. she sits down next to you. everything goes silent as four boys walk into the room. Alex, Josh, Jessie and Jacob. spying you, jessie waves his friends over to come sit next to you and your friends. One of the guys sits next to you.
  2. Alex decides he is going to sit next to you. "so, i heard it was your idea for this little cruise." you nod shyly. "Yeah, i figured it would be more fun then a week at some camp where the funnest thing is playing whack a fly with a tennis racket." you remember that game lst year. you and beth and a few others had used a tennis racket to whack the flies in your cabin. Alex laughs, so does Jessie and Josh. jacob is talking to Beth. The three guys start up a conversation with you about how it's possible to hit a fly with a tennis racket when your arch enemy walks into the room. she sees you sitting next to her boyfriend, Alex, and stroms over. "What do you think you're doing ________?" she asks. "Chill Mary, we're just talking about fly tennis." says alex. "I dont care, come along now before you catch some sort of desease." alex rolls his eyes and leaves with mary.
  3. "So, will we be doing any activities this year?" asked Jessie. "no the main point of having camp on a boat was so that we could just relax and do nothing." i said. they all cheered at that prospect. there was a lurch as the boat finally left the harbour. when we were fully out of view of any land the teacher came up to me. "________ i see you havent scheduled any activities or stuff like that." he said. "Thats because we are just going to relax and do nothing." i said. he smiled and tossed his activity planner overboard. i laughed as he ran back inside, telling everyone to just relax. everyone was exhausted by the time we all finally fell asleep.
  4. You wake up to find that there is a storm and everyone is running around screaming. staying calm you go outside to find your friend. you hear a scream coming from your left and you turn in time to see Jessi fall overboard. you go to where he fell, trying to see him in the darkness. there is another scream as Alex falls in too. He is closely followed by Josh and mary.
  5. The boat rocks and you fall over board too. you struggle to keep yourself afloat when a dark figure crashes into the water in front of you. water starts to get into your mouth and you fear you are going to drown but sonehow manage to swim over to a piece of wood that was floating along. it keeps you up.
  6. You realise you mut have fallen asleep because you find yourself on an island. it looks like the ones from tv where a bunch of kids get stranded and end up building their lives there. looking around you see Jacob a few feet from you. he is unconscious. "Jacob!" you yell, he wakes up immediately. "What? What's going on? Where are we?" he asks. "I dont know, we fell off the boat in the storm and now we're on this island. i'm not sure if it's deserted but it looks like it is." you say. deciding it was best to try build a fire before it got too dark, you search for some dry sticks while Jacob dries out a pack of matches he all too conveniently had in his pocket.
  7. you finally collect some driftwood you found somewhere along the beach. with a fire going things start to look a little better. "How long do you think we'll be here?" asks Jacob. "I dont know, but i wonder what happened to the others." he looks at you confused. "What others?" "Alex, mary, josh and jessie fell in too. i do hope they are all right." he nods and you two sit there in silence. Jacob comes and puts his arm around you. without really thinking you lean in to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
  8. Realising you'd fallen asleep again, you wake to see the sun high in the sky and Jacob sitting next to the fire. "Bout time you woke up." he said teasingly. "Anybody else come yet?" he nods. "who?" you say jumping up. "Hey, she's awake." you turn to see mary walking through from the forest. "Oh, you. i think i'd prefer no one had come." you say coldly. she pretends to look offended. "Oh, ouch that hurts sooo much. i think i'm gonna cry." she says sarcastically. you sit back down. "Anything to eat?' she asks. you and jacob shake your heads.
  9. All day all you did was sit there thinking of where the others could be. jacob was talking to mary. just as you were about to go sit with jacob and mary, Jessie suddenly appears. "_______! I found you!" he yelled out. he runs over and sits next to you.
  10. After you all stop being overly excited about Jessie coming, you all decide to,look to see if anyone else is on the island. As you walk, JEssie comes to walk with you. "How long have you been here?" he asks. "Atleast two days." "Really? Ive been here almost a week." you stare at him. "How did you survive a WEEK?" you say. "There's a Crate full of food on the other side of the island. Want to come see?" he asks. you look toward where mary and jacob were talking way ahead of you two.
  11. The end... For now. Please comment and rate this quiz pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

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