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  • Nooo a cliffhanger DX *contemplating whether or not to use a gun* there's about a 82.91% chance that I'll miss and shoot my eye out or something, so... I'll stick with the angry red panda attack threat, good with you? XP I think you're doing well with this story, and I want to hear about the powers... *hint hint* look at me being a hypocrite, another part to my story should be due by now XP

  • You're doing good... make the story longer and more detailed and you'll be doing great! :) Also, I feel bad for complaining about the name Maverick cuz I learned to like it and now you changed it! D: Maverick is a better name than Marcus... but whatever, I like him, so I'll deal. :P

  • These quizzes are brilliant! Please make part 6 soon!!! I beg you XD no really I love these quizzes so please make the next one asap! ;D

  • Hurry up and make part 6 ps make a quiz everyday

  • Part 6 is out :) Thanks for all the comments!

  • gr8 job!! =D can u make romance with jake ^.^


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