family guy quiz

do u have what it takes to be qualified as a family guy addict or are u just a family guy occasional viewar u be the judge.all u need to do is answeer these 14 questions they arent that hard but not too easy eather good luck.

test your family guy noledge here.if u are a family guy addict like me i salute you the few of us need to stick together.anyways i hope u like my test. if u do bad keep learning about family guy

Created by: josh
  1. who does herbert (the old man) have a crush on ?
  2. how does francis griffin die?
  3. whast stewie's stuffed animal called
  4. what animal is stewies stuffed animal?
  5. what is peters fathers name?
  6. what is chris really scared of?
  7. what is the title of the frontpage newpapper that peter writes for megs papper?
  8. how old is meg?
  9. whast stewies catch phrase?
  10. whast the name of peters new show
  11. whast peters boss name
  12. whast peters name when he goes undercover at megs school?
  13. who is big fat pauly?
  14. who is patrick
  15. Patrick dosent like ___ people.

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