Fallout 3 enemy test

If you play fallout 3 you probably seen some enemies on it, and this test lets you see what you know about them, so try this and see if you know them.

This quiz is for the enemys on fallout 3, however this dosent include all but it has a large portion of them so see if you know your enemies or if your dead.

Created by: L?G?N

  1. What is the name of the largest super mutant?
  2. What is a mutated fly's name?
  3. Are there mutaded crabs
  4. Who are the merc's?
  5. What is the most powerful radscorpion?
  6. Hard one:who is the below is a enemy of the brotherhood of steel?
  7. Who below hates everyone but themselves?
  8. Whose favorite past time is toture and murder
  9. Do slavers attack you?
  10. Who attacks big town?

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