What Fallout 4 faction are you most like?

Ever wonder what Fallout 4 major faction you are most like? Well look no further! I have taken other quizzes before, and mainly their idea of the best faction is based off of favorite color, food and so on. Bearing in mind there are questions that could have you relate more to a faction but disagree with a way they do things. This test will help you find out which faction you are most like.

What faction would you join? Fallout 4 factions tend to be morally gray except for the minutemen. BUT each has their pros and cons. This test usually looks at ideology and views to find out.

Created by: Thomas Perozze
  1. What is your view on technology/science?
  2. Your view on synths?
  3. Your view on synth "slavery"?
  4. How do you feel about starting a war?
  5. How do you view the people of the commonwealth?
  6. How would you institute duties/jobs?
  7. Favorite weapon(s)? (Not like other group ideology so it is rated less than other questions)
  8. How do you feel about ghouls?
  9. What are your views on outsiders?
  10. What are your views on the Brotherhood of Steel?
  11. How do you view the Institute?
  12. How do you view the Railroad?
  13. How do you view the Minutemen?
  14. How do you view scientific/technological failure that would result in damage?
  15. How do you view supermutants, deathclaws and other mutated creatures created by science?
  16. What would you rather be?
  17. Which combo faction would you like as a ending?

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Quiz topic: What Fallout 4 faction am I most like?