falling in love part2

Falling in love part2 this is mainly about why you are here this story will not he like oh u have powers and were going to help you keep them that dumb stuff. This is just simply a sweet love story and u pick who you fall for.

3 guys 1 girl the only way you get the guy u want is to choose I just make the story not who u will fall in live with. In part3 will be the beach date so stay tuned and check back regualy to see if I up dated part3 . Please rate and comment it will make it better.

Created by: narhacutie

  1. You wake up and boom u feel a Sharp pain in your head u scream in the matter of shock to see all the guys there with a panic look on there faces. " Good u r up" marcco said with a small laugh." Why the hell am I I am lost I need answers ..... Now" of course Adam speaks up " You feel and hit ur head very simple and I just brong u here and told the guys to see u" he said it like it was nonthing no promblem. " Yea we will stay here for a while cause u hit it kind of hard and we want to maKe sure ur ok" of course Jayson days that
  2. " Do I even have clothes and how long" " How long it takes to see u looking better" Adam said looking away he was going to turn red " So I look bad huh" he just liked at me " no not like that" it felt as if we were the only ones in the room
  3. " ok u should go wash up and get dressed this is your frost night here" Jayson said Adam gave me a peck on the cheek and the other guys hurried off.
  4. After u hoped in the showed u ran to the closet to see that there was hot clothes that were her style. She our on skinny demin jeans with gray and white converse with a white shirt and black sparkly veat. You put on a little eye shadow, and some charm braclets and grabed a black leather jacket and went to the living room. " We ready" you must have been looking really good cause they were drooling all over there selfs. " Are we going to stare or go to the movies" they all woke up then the all seemed to blush at the same time. You thus walked to the car Adam driver and u in the passenger side and Jayson and marcco in the back. You turn the radio on and super bass was playing and when The raping was over they all way and stared. " I can see that u guess like to stare hu" Adam pulled up to the movies Adam and Jayson went to go get the tickets. And u and Marcco went to get the junk food.
  5. You two brought 2 things of nachos, 2 sodas, 3 hershey bars, 5 packs of twistlers. " Amy, u look nice tonight " " Thank u" " Um today is Friday so maybe tomorrow we could go to the beach just me and you, get to know each other. " yeah I would love that. And Jayson ends the momment " the moive will start soon better hurry" he grabed your head and lead u to the back of Tue thedar.
  6. " what miove are we going to see"." Bad teacher" " yesss" he just laughed when u got inside u guys went to Tue middle part of the theader. U sat with Jayson on Tue right and marcco on the left. Toward the middle of the moive they must have turned the air on even though u had a jacket on it was still cold. U stared shivering when Jayson speaks up." You cold ..... Coke ill warm u" he moves the ARM rest back and moved closer to him u were attached to hip with him "better" u nod your head he started brushing the hair out off your face.shivers were going down your spine he pulls u closer and u sit up and gets on his lap and started kissing him deeply in was perfect. You two stop to breathe and smile at each other and go back to kissing him when the moive was over u were in the kiss so much. When Adam hit ur back u jumped back " the moive is over let's go" he sounded angery. One the way home was wiead marcco and Adam was glaring at me and Jayson. When you got home u put on a rock band t shirt and hair into a alloy poinytail with holster sweat pants. When Jayson came in " I had a good time today" " I did to" he was about to pull u in for a kiss when marcco came in " I just wanted to say good night to u" " food night can't wait until Tue date tomorrow " Jayson looked flabergasted _ night Amy" and both they went
  7. U hoped in your bee under Tue covers u were treied but just couldn't sleep to many thing were your mind from how much Tue guys cared about you. Some would have just walked by me, but they didn't.
  8. You started to fall asleep then something made u think whose house is this, it looked more like Adam type of style. And the way its decorated and the colors to
  9. Then that thought goes away when u see Adam at the doorway , he walks over to and just smiles his smile could light a Christmas tree. " hey Adam.. I'm kind of cold could u sleep with me " he got inside the bed with me wearing no shirt and shorts he was smokin after a while laying there he goes " warmer now " I just laugh
  10. "Night Amy" " good night Adam" you fell asleep

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