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This quiz is designed and calibrated to give participants an informed idea regarding which Falgwian political party best fits their political viewpoint. This test is not designed to tell you who to vote for, but merely as a means of informing you. The quiz is formatted so that an issue will appear and you must select Agree, Neutral, or Disagree. Six Falgwian political parties have taken this quiz and their responses will be compared to yours to determine with which party you have the highest correlation.

Falgwian Political Party Quiz This quiz is based on the six sitting parties of the Mykosei, which are in order of number of seats: Frontai-wydu Falgwai (FF), Socialdemokratei-wydu Falgwai (SDF), Gowei-wydu Feny (GF), Nowulares Gowei-wydu Falgwai (NGF), Gowei-wydu Feny-wydu Rusai (GFR), and Nwesei ei Mymei (NM).

Created by: Eric
  1. Making Russian an official language.-- Russian is currently an unofficial language in Falgwia. However, since 34% of Falgwia's population is Russian, the issue is highly contested. In previous nationwide votes, the margin in favour of Falgwian as the only official language has been as low as 52%.
  2. Abortion and partial-birth abortion should remain illegal.-- Abortion is currently illegal in Falgwia in all cases.
  3. The nationwide minimum wage should be increased.-- The nationwide minimum wage in Falgwia is lower than that of some neighboring countries, it wavers around 25% of the national GDP (compare Lithuania at 35%, Latvia at 37%, and Poland at 45%) and there's much debate on whether it ought to be raised.
  4. Falgwia should cease membership to the European Union.-- Falgwia became a member of the European Union on May 1, 2004 as a result of the 2003 Treaty of Accession.
  5. Companies should be free to decide how much to pay their executives.-- Falgwia currently has no laws regarding how much companies can pay their executives.
  6. Students should not pay tuition fees for their first university-level degree.-- Falgwia offers a system whereupon Falgwian students are tuition free for their first university-level degree. This program is very expensive and one which is often attacked by fiscal conservatives in government but no action has been taken thus far to reduce or repeal it.
  7. The state shall not sponsor Russian education for Russian-speaking children.-- Senators in the Mykosei have proposed a controversial project which provides Russian-language instruction for Russians born into Russian families and whose mother tongue is Russian. The classes must be taken along with Falgwian-language classes. The argument for the system is that students who have confidence in both languages are better suited in life as currently Russian-speaking students are thrown into Falgwian schools where they lack proper Russian study. As a result, these students never learn to read and write Russian well nor speak Falgwian well until later in their life. However, as Russian is a very controversial issue in Falgwia, many Falgwians feel this is a Russian lobbied attempt at promoting Russian language and culture in Falgwia.
  8. Trade relations with those countries abusing human rights should be terminated.-- Falgwia currently follows EU guidelines on international trade.
  9. The early age of Hwalonaitai should be lowered to 62.-- Hwalonaitai is the age of retirement wherein one can receive retirement insurance and it's earliest form is currently 64. Falgwians have long argued that the early age is too high and should be lowered to 62.
  10. Corporate taxes should be lowered.-- Falgwian corporate taxes are fiscally liberal in definition and some fear foreign investors avoid Falgwia due to these high corporate taxes.
  11. Unemployment compensation should be cut after 6 months.-- Falgwian allows for unemployment compensation to extend to the long-term unemployed up to a year or more, depending on one's situation. Many argue the system is expensive and creating too much debt.
  12. Foreign mining companies should be allowed to mine a pre-determined quota of Falgwian amber.-- Falgwia is said to contain upwards of 85% of the world's supply of Baltic amber. While amber mining in general has been down in recent years in fear of short supply, foreign mining companies from Russia have begun lobbying the government for the right to set-up temporary mining camps within the Falgwian border. These attempts have been met with a huge backlash on the part of the Falgwian people and Falgwian government.
  13. Further measures must be taken to preserve the Kurone Spit wildlife.-- The Kurone Spit is always at the mercy of nature, but according to scientific studies, wildlife may become under harm as a result of Global Warming. As the Kurone Spit is one of Falgwia's premier geographical features and of economic and historical importance.
  14. The Euro should replace the Nykei.-- Falgwia has postponed its euro day several times, since the country does not meet the convergence criteria due to its high rate of inflation which is well above the Maastricht criterion of 4.2%. The adoption of the Euro itself is a contentious issue within Falgwia, and especially so since the economic crisis.
  15. A multi-million nykei plan should be drafted to update and replace city tram and trolley systems leftover from the Soviet Union.-- The Mykosei has continually drafted plans to update and replace Falgwia's major urban tram and trolley systems, a vestige of the Soviet Union, but the plans have never made it out of the Mykosei with approval. Falgwian citizens are quick to complain about the ailing system of public transportation.
  16. Serious state-level steps need to be taken to increase transparency at the regional government level even if it may create backlash and tension among governments.-- Regional government corruption is ripe in Falgwia. Many Falgwians argue the state government needs to adopt measures to control corruption and promote regional government transparency. However, due to how the Falgwian regional government system is organized, it's often counter-argued that the implementation of such policies would create backlash and tensions at the regional government level and only hurt statewide governance.
  17. The type of democracy Falgwia has is the best form of government there is. -- Falgwia is a democratic republic.
  18. If NATO elects to expands the program, Falgwia should participate in the European Interceptor Site. -- The European Interceptor Site or the Polish Missle Defence System is a missle defence system proposed to be positioned in Poland and the Czech Republic and aimed in the direction of Russia. Currently, the Obama administration has canceled the plans for the defense system. If the system is reinstated, NATO may elect to expand the defense system to the Baltic states and there has been much debate on whether or not it is a reasonable decision for Falgwia to participate.
  19. The Falgwian patronymic system of surnames should be discontinued in favour of a static surname system. -- The Falgwian patronymic system of surnames is used by upwards of 60% of the native Falgwian population. However, arguements have been made that the system promotes male hierarchies and is incompatible with today's modern family.
  20. Falgwia should support the Baltic Sea Region Think Tank. -- The Baltic Sea Region Think Tank is a proposed organisation of the Baltic Development Forum that would strengthen the network of researchers on the Baltic Sea Region. The objective is to create an independent political State of the Region reporting to be presented at the 2011 Baltic Development Forum Summit.
  21. Gay couples should be granted the right to equal civil unions under law. -- Gay couples currently have no rights in Falgwia due to a social conservative atmosphere left over from the Soviet era. This issue is highly contested but has never been put before the people as a vote.
  22. Falgwia should require all 18 and 19 year old boys to complete a military or community conscription. -- Military or community conscription has long been a proposed idea since the independence of Falgwia. Currently no such system exists, but the idea is constantly brought up by fringe Senators each time the Mykosei meets.

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