Political Parties in Germany - Your Alignment

This quiz is supposed to give you an insight on the political landscape of Germany and which topics are relevant. You might have to google some terms.

To be as objective/neutral as possible, all questions have the same influence on your overall result. But don't take this too seriously, please. It's not meant to convince you of voting for one specific party/ideology.

Created by: Freethinker
  1. Education 1: The government should generally spend more money on education.
  2. Education 2: The federal government should have more control over the education in the different federal states.
  3. Education 3: Schools only for students with special-needs should be abolished.
  4. Education 4: Digitalization is a chance for schools.
  5. Education 5: Students with parents that aren't poor should still get the financial aid (BAFĂ–G) when they decide to attend an university.
  6. Education 6: Schools should teach children about LGBT families.
  7. Education 7: There shouldn't be different kinds of public schools for children that are the same age.
  8. Education 8: Germany should implement a voucher system.
  9. Education 9: Universities should be able to demand student loans (that you have to pay after getting a job).
  10. Education 10: The federal government should give the federal states money to speed up digitalization in schools.
  11. Taxes 1: The solidarity surcharge (additional fee on income tax, capital gains tax and corporate tax) should be abolished.
  12. Taxes 2: The taxes on businesses should be lowered.
  13. Taxes 3: There should be a financial transaction tax.
  14. Taxes 4: Diesel cars should be taxed more heavily.
  15. Taxes 5: The inheritance tax should be lowered.
  16. Taxes 6: The church tax should be abolished.
  17. Taxes 7: The income tax should be lowered.
  18. Taxes 8: The government should fight more strongly against tax avoidance.
  19. Taxes 9: The EU should implement a minimum tax for corporations.
  20. Taxes 10: There should be a wealth tax.
  21. Regulation 1: Rent control is necessary.
  22. Regulation 2: The use of temporary workers should be very heavily restricted.
  23. Regulation 3: There should only be a regulation on the work hours per week (not a daily maximum).
  24. Regulation 4: GMOs should be banned.
  25. Regulation 5: Cannabis should be legalized.
  26. Regulation 6: Glyphosate should be banned.
  27. Regulation 7: Fixed-term contracts of employment shouldn't be possible without a objective reason.
  28. Regulation 8: House building should be deregulated.
  29. Regulation 9: Gun control should be stricter.
  30. Regulation 10: Bank regulation should be stricter.
  31. Environment 1: There should be a global price for emissions (emissions trading system).
  32. Environment 2: CO2 limits should be stricter.
  33. Environment 3: The subsidies for renewable energy should be abolished.
  34. Environment 4: Farmers who change to organic farming should get aid money.
  35. Environment 5: Animal testing should be abolished.
  36. Domestic 1: Social Networks should be forced to delete fake news.
  37. Domestic 2: It's a good thing that same-sex marriages are legal.
  38. Domestic 3: There should be a restriction on the net replacement rate and the contribution rate of the pension funds.
  39. Domestic 4: There should be an immigration law.
  40. Domestic 5: Wealth should be capped.
  41. Social 1: Financial aid for unemployed people shouldn't be reduced when they don't try to get a job.
  42. Social 2: Daycare should be for free.
  43. Social 3: People with low income who get financial aid shouldn't get their financial aid cut as much as now when they earn some more money.
  44. Social 4: The minimum wage should be higher.
  45. Social 5: Parents who want to buy a house should get financial aid.
  46. Security 1: There should be more video surveillance.
  47. Security 2: Germany should protect its national borders.
  48. Security 3: The military should get more money.
  49. Security 4: The EU should have an own army.
  50. Security 5: The police should be able to declare specific zones as dangerous.
  51. Foreign 1: Free trade is benificial.
  52. Foreign 2: Germany should leave the EU.
  53. Foreign 3: There should be a debt cut for Greece.
  54. Foreign 4: The Eurozone should have an own budget.
  55. Foreign 5: The EU should work together more strongly.
  56. Voting 1: There should be more direct democracy.
  57. Voting 2: The five percent hurdle should be abolished.
  58. Voting 3: Party donations by businesses should be forbidden.
  59. Voting 4: Lobbyist shouldn't be able to enter the parliament as easily as now.
  60. Voting 5: There should be no percent hurdle at the communal level.

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