everyone who loves one direction come here

take the quiz take the quiz take the quiz take the quiz take it please pretty please with cherries on top, oh vand i just got my sekf esteem lowered, so help make it lover

it moved down like ten points. help it get LOWER!! let me stop bashing myself (i really dont like myself but people dont like me because they say in insecure)

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. ok well i made a one direction love story, its on the second page of the new quiz list
  2. well, it was late at night and not many people were on, i want you to go check it out
  3. its called "a day with one direction" i tried really hard on it,and i wanna know what you think
  4. go, and please comment to, even if you dont like it
  5. you can skip the rest of these.. just please take the quiz
  6. please.
  7. p pl ple plea pleas please
  8. please..please...PLEASE!!!!
  9. ..you can learn alot from music than school
  10. i learned more words from panic at the disco than i ever did in english class

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