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Waterstones is a famous English bookstore, though it's not so well known in our country. During the riots in the UK this summer, it was among the shops, if not the only shop, that wasn't raided of goods.

This store may not be the most interesting from which you can choose, but it is certainly worth a look. How high a score will you be rewarded with in this quiz? Good luck.

Created by: Tinne Vermeiren
  1. Where can you find Waterstones in Belgium?
  2. Which of the following is a true benefit for the holders of a Waterstones Card?
  3. How much does the delivery service cost in the UK?
  4. When is there a book signing with Stephen Roche at Waterstones in Londen?
  5. Which social network does not support Waterstones?
  6. Which of these is not in the top 10 of the Waterstones bestsellers?
  7. Which one of these does Waterstones 'recommend' in the poetry section?
  8. What rating did 'Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography' get from Waterstones clients?
  9. Which charity fund does Waterstones support?
  10. When was the World Book Night in 2012, an event in which Waterstones participated?

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