Emo Love Story

OMG JAYY IS HAWTv rainbowa yay! and are again against ago age ages ah ahead agreement La la la birdz are yummy not ooh look a butterfly! yah i ate yhur peanut butter >:]

Do yhu likez pie i likez pie chocolate yummy mmm m&mz OMG A SQUIRREL! GO SQUIRREL GO! woot ^(^_^)^ oh baby i want that car Spiderpig spider pig! woot!

Created by: ImYouNYouAreMe

  1. It's yhur first day of school. Yhu walk into the room and EVERYONE silences for three secs then gpes back to wat they]were doing. At lunch, no ones table was open except one. Yhu sat down in it next to a boy named George and Allen. George: umm Allen this girl isn't part of our band. Allen: Huney, this table is for band members only O_O You say.....
  2. Allen looks around. Allen: oh i guess there r no open tables shes g-gonna have ro sit here i guess. Allen blushed a ittle. George was a little ticked but then he got used to it. Yhu: So wat r yhur names?(yhu didnt know yet) George: I'm George, the band's guitarist. And this is ourlead singer, Allen.
  3. Yhu: Cool yhu have a band!?! George: Yepp. Allen: W-were called the Firey Heart. Yhu: AWESOME!!
  4. After lunch yhu meet another guy. "im philip." he says. yhu: I'm _____. nice 2 meet yhu. THEN ALL A THE SUDDEN A BASKET BALL COMES YHUR WAY! Philip: *ducks yhu* Yhu: Wow thx! philip: np :)
  6. ok so which guy
  7. Allen's emo, George's punk, Philip's the popular blonde. Which?
  8. Fave colour?
  9. Should I make a part 2?
  10. Byez!

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