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The ecological footprint is measurable and can be calculated. By answering the questions from the quiz, calculate your ecological footprint. The calculator was created as a result of collaborative activities carried out as part of the eTwinning project The green changemakers.

The calculator consists of 39 questions that need to be answered. Once you have entered your answers, you will receive feedback in accordance with your ecological footprint. Do not forget to tell your friends about this quiz, so that you can test your eco knowledge together!

Created by: Sanja P. Sijanovic of The green changemakers
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  1. How often do you drink bottled water instead of tap water?
  2. How often do you consume fast food?
  3. How often do you consume off-season fruit?
  4. How often (before you buy) do you read labels on food products?
  5. How often do you consume meat and meat products?
  6. How often do you throw away food?
  7. How many grams of cheese do you eat in one week (grams / per week)?
  8. According to your rough estimate, how many grams of sugar do you take into your body each day?
  9. How many cups of milk do you drink during the week?
  10. Are your eating habits in line with sustainable development?
  11. I always turn off the taps in our apartment so that the water does not flow unnecessarily.
  12. I turn off the tap when I wash my soap or take a shower.
  13. When brushing my teeth, I turn off the water.
  14. Taking a shower takes no more than 5 minutes.
  15. We collect rainwater in our own houses, use it for irrigation and other purposes.
  16. Landscaping the school area.
  17. Grow houseplants.
  18. Are you participating in tree planting?
  19. How much distance do you travel on a weekly basis on a bicycle/scooter?
  20. How much distance do you travel on a weekly basis using a car?
  21. If your family uses a vehicle, write down what its consumption is per 100 kilometers
  22. Do you ever share a transport carpooling? If so, how often?
  23. Do you use public transport (train, bus)? If yes, type in how much distance you travel on a weekly basis using the train?
  24. How often do you go to school (or work) by bike instead of by car?
  25. How often do you go to school (or work) on foot instead of by car?
  26. What type of fuel does the vehicle you travel on most often use?
  27. How many cars are there in your household?
  28. When is the car you drive most often produced?
  29. How many hours a year do you fly by plane?
  30. How long have you been charging your phone?
  31. Do you turn off devices that are not currently in use? (TV, computer, light..)
  32. How familiar are you with the energy efficiency categories of the device?
  33. The temperature of your bedroom is?
  34. Do you separate waste in your household?
  35. Do you buy products in bulk?
  36. How often do you buy products at the market?
  37. In the household where you live, the remnants of fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags are deposited in a separate container (bag).
  38. In your home you organize a gathering for friends. Since you don't have enough glasses, you decide to get them. What are you going to do?
  39. Do you try an object that you no longer need to reuse/find a new function before you decide to recycle it?

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