How big is your Eco-Logical Footprint?

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There are certain people with rather large footprints, and ones with tiny footprints, from a scale of small to giant, we will see how big your negative impact is, a little warning because there may be SOME harsh words in this, not for children under the age of 7.

Are YOU a true environmentalist? Lets hope you get a good score shall we? Well? Why are you reading this for? Go take the quiz already! And remember, KEEP IT GREEN!!!

Created by: Carri04
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  1. Oops! You spilled a drink! How many paper towels do you use for it?
  2. A Company is about to clear-cut a healthy ever-green forest and they aren't planning on replanting the trees, There is a protest group blocking their way, do you...?
  3. It's back to school time! You are shopping for school supplies! You come across 2 lanes filled with school supplies, Lane 1 has organic, biodegradable, useful, and medium quality supplies; while Lane 2 has plastic, non-biodegradable, not-organic, useful, and high quality supplies, which one do you go for?
  4. You and your friends are at your house having some good ol' fruit! Then you realize that the garbage can is full of fruit peels, left-over food, and egg shells, you...?
  5. You just had a shower, how do you dry your hair?
  6. You are heading off to school, and it's 4 blocks away, you....?
  7. What type of light bulbs do you use?
  8. Flashlight type?
  9. Basic Question here: Do you recycle?
  10. What do you do with empty cans and bottles?

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Quiz topic: How big is my Eco-Logical Footprint?