Easy Full House Quiz

Do you know your Full House facts? Don't worry, even if you don't you probably will be able to take this quiz. Full House is my favorite show, and that's why I am making this quiz.

Are you an expert at your Full House facts? This quiz is EASY. That means that if don't do well, you are not good at you facts at all! You will probably do great! Soon you will find out how good you are at you Full House facts.

Created by: Alexandra
  1. Who is the oldest child in the Tanner house?
  2. Did DJ ever date a boy named John?
  3. Do Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky still live with the Tanner's?
  4. Do DJ and Stephanie get along all of the time?
  5. In all, how many people (including the dog) live in the Tanner house? (Not including Kimmy who always comes!!!)
  6. What is the dog's name that lives with the Tanner's?
  7. Is Michelle the youngest child in the house?
  8. What is the name of Jesse's favorite comb?
  9. Did Stephanie ever go on a date?
  10. Is there a character named Danny?

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