Easiest Ever Demigod Quiz!!

Easiest Ever Demigod Quiz !! Test your knowledge of Greek and Roman demigods from Rick Riordan's best selling series, The Heroes Of Olympus!

You won't get anything easier than this anywhere, I'm sure. Try your best and score 100% if you really are a Heroes Of Olympus fan like me! It's really VERY easy!!

Created by: Zia
  1. Which of these isn't a demigod?
  2. Which of these demigods have been to Tartarus?
  3. Which of these pairs of demigods are NOT siblings?
  4. Sammy was Leo's...?
  5. Which of these giants had caused Hazel's death?
  6. Frank's mother had died in a war in...?
  7. Which of these are on a mission to deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half Blood?
  8. Frank's life depends on a half burnt piece of firewood. Who safeguards it by wrapping it up in fireproof cloth?
  9. Which of these has the power of prophesying?
  10. Okay, now this is the easiest of all time! Which of these is not included in the Seven?

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