Are you a demigod .? Or nahh

Heyy you wanna see if your a demigod take this quiz it's cool & if you don't want to wtf why are you here this has to be a long paragraph idek but yeah take this quiz cuz why not

Like if you want to see if your a demigod then lets go if you are then woah hey new best friend if not then woah hey mortal lets go get some lunch but just lets see if you are or nah

Created by: Hope
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose a weapon, fast
  2. If you had powers what would it be
  3. Your about to get attacted by a monster, what do you do
  4. Who's your fav god
  5. Do you think you'd be a good demigod
  6. What's your fav thing to do
  7. Are you brave
  8. What's your favorite color bruh
  9. Personality .?
  10. There's a monster attack & your friends are taking care of it what do you do
  12. Do you think your a demigod .?

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Quiz topic: Am I a demigod .? Or nahh