Dude, Don't Be Like Me!!!

Some guys, just don't always act the best around there girlfriends, and this is my little way of helping you find out where you are at. I know that every girl wishes all the guys could score in the perfect range, but the fact is that most of us will not.

Do you think that you may just be the perfect boyfriend? That you just don't understand why girls aren't bowing at your feet? Well take this test and figure out where the real world thinks you are at.

Created by: Jacob Lynch
  1. You have some money that you got from your birthday, and you decide your going to spend the money at the local supermarket. But you need to grab something for your girlfriend!
  2. Let's say you are on the first date, and the day went so well, now you drop her off at her house. You guys are at the door and you think she might want a kiss.
  3. She gets you a shirt from the mall, but it is by far the ugliest shirt you have had the dismay of laying your eyes upon. What do you say?
  4. You go on a double date with some friends, and you haven't seen the other girl coming with you guys, and she is a total hottie!!! How do you respond when you end up alone with her?
  5. You and her go on a scuba diving trip, and when you both surface, you realize her top has come off, how do you reply?
  6. You enter a photo booth with your girlfriend and you guys take some crazy photos, what is the first picture you take.
  7. You find out your older girlfriend is going to a dance with another guy because your age causes conflict with you going to this peticular dance... How do you take this in?
  8. You and your girlfriend have been dating for a long, I mean long, time, and she starts sticking her hand down...(we all know where this is going so just respond)
  9. Your girlfriend gets cancer and loses all of her hair...
  10. You ell your girlfriend that since she is in a hard spot, you will be there for her, but she tells you that she has enough friends and that you shouldn't bother, because she has enough friends in her life.

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