Is your boyfriend/girlfriend th one??

This quiz is about love. if you are having an issue of you dont know if you guys are right for each other take this quiz! i made this quiz for those troubled people who dont know if they are right for each other. if you are then dont bother with this quiz but if you dont really know this is the place to find out!!

Are you guys right for each other?? well take this quiz to find out within 15 minutes. you have probably wondered if he/she was the right one for you?? well really find out now with my quiz because i have had trouble with not knowing whether or not we were right together so i know made away for people to know if they are right together because im cool like that!

Created by: charlotte

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you been in this relationship?
  2. Have you kissed??
  3. Hve you both said i love you??
  4. Do you want them in your room??
  5. do you want to see them naked??
  6. do you always want to be with them??
  7. Whyy are you taking this quiz??
  8. i always will love my boyfriend/girlfriend even if we break up
  9. My boyfriend/girlfriend is my whole life
  10. does your boyfriend/girlfriend the on eyou want to be with?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend/girlfriend th one??