Dream Love Tale... ~part 1~

Hey, welcome to Dream Love Tale! Right, this story is quite confusing, so read carefully! Each question is a new P.O.V. There are five characters in this DLT; Daniel (dark brown hair, emo style, and hazel eyes,)- Liam (very hot! Been your crush for ages! Blonde surfer hair, bright blue eyes!)- Alex (black hair, green eyes)- Erik (brown hair, hazel eyes)- You (I can't say your name yet! But, you have dark blonde hair and grey eyes!)

~*~*~YOU~*~*~ The forest all around was quite as Alex broke the news. "Your father... Is... Dead..." Liam's face showed the many emotions I was feeling. "What?!" I said. I couldn't believe it! My father, was DEAD! Behind Alex, Daniel stood, leaning against a tree, looking very uncomfortable. The forest was dark, and it had seemed that all light had gone with my father's soul. "No, it can't be!" I stuttered, feeling on the edge of crying. No, this was no happening to me!

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  2. ~*~*~Daniel~*~*~ It was all too much for her. I knew, of course, she would cry when Alex told her about her father. He was a brave man, and we shall always remember him. I stood a distance from the group. She would like my presence; I could feel the tension in the air. She didn't mind Liam. Actually, she was probably glad he was here. He's been her dream date since she set eyes on him. Wait, he's just walked over to her. She looked up to him and... wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back, letting her cry on his shoulder. I can see the jealousy in Alex's eyes. I know he likes her, maybe more than 'like'. I had enough of this. I turned around and stormed off deeper into the forest...
  3. ~*~*~Liam~*~*~ I held her tightly to me. I could feel her sorrow inside of me. I knew how she felt. I too had lost my father. I never tell anyone though. Nobody knows my father's true identity. If they did, I'd surly be killed. She continued sobbing onto my chest. "There, there. It'll be ok. I'm here..." I whispered in her ear. I knew she needed the comfort right now. I never got comfort, and look where that got me. The everlasting pain in my heart needed to be filled. I needed to find love. That's why I tried to get a girlfriend. But, as soon as they came, they went. Then another came along before the news of my split could spread. That's why people think I'm a cheated. I know very well that's what Alex thinks. But, I'd never cheat on the girl in my arms, if I ever got chance to ask her out...
  4. ~*~*~Alex~*~*~ I stared at Liam holding her. Daniel had just stormed into the forest. Knowing him, he probably couldn't stand that all the attention wasn't on him. Stupid emo! Yea, he cuts his wrists, claiming he's depressed, but really he just wants people to take pity on him. I glared at Liam. Oh how I wished to be him this very moment. Ok, now him; maybe just in his position. Hugging the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I'd never want to be that dirty, cheating, lying b***h, Liam. Makes out with every girl possible! If he does that to her, the last thing he's gonna see before he dies is my fist!
  5. ~*~*~Daniel~*~*~ I ran as fast as I could. I needed to get away from that scene. Seeing Liam and her like that just killed me. I stopped running when I knew I was at a safe distance away. I leant against one of the trees, trying to catch my breath back. All around me was the familiar setting I use to spend my childhood playful hours. In front of me was the cave I had found. Vines covered the entrance to it. I slowly walked forward and pushed away the vines and looked inside. It was the same as how I left it. The small lake inside was still shining in the moonlight peeping through the roof of the cave. The stones I used for seats were still there. The fire burning in the corner was still there, as blazing as how I left it. The air swept up the leaves in the far corner still spun in a tornado-like motion. The small, delicate bonsai tree still grew next to the lake, yet now it was funny grown and strong. It had been years since I'd been here, yet it still felt like home. I set down on a stone and, after taking my shoes off, dipped my feet into the lake. I stared around my old hideout, it all bringing back memories. I felt the familiar metal object in my pocket and took it out. The sharp blade shone in the light. My wrist was already covered in the scars of the past sorrows. The others didn't know why I did it. I wanted to die, ok! I could bring myself to hang myself, and this was the only way I could do it. I debated whether I should finish it all now. Cut the veins in my wrist properly. But, I'd have to leave her. The girl of my dreams. She was bound to date Liam. But, what if she found out the real Liam? Then I could have a chance to tell her. "Oh God," I muttered, "how do I tell her I love her? What, hey, I love you!? No. I love you-"
  6. ~*~*~Liam~*~*~ I held he tightly again. She had calmed down a bit, but was still teary. No wonder, she and her dad were really close. "Hush now. It'll be ok. I'm here," I whispered to her again. She hugged me tighter, nestling her face into my chest. I could tell that she's crushed me for a while now. I could feel Alex's eyes burning in the back of my head. He was jealous of me; I could tell. I bet he's thinking that's I'll use her. I would never do that to her. "It's ok, I'm here. It's ok-"
  7. ~*~*~Alex~*~*~ He'll cheat on her; I bet you he will. He kept whispering into her ear. I bet he's asked her out. He's still going out with that Kelly girl. He's disgraceful. I can't believe we're related. "I reckon we take her back to the house. It's still too dangerous out here. The werewolves are in the forest," I said. I didn't want her getting hurt. Liam pulled away from his hug with her and looked around. He probably spotted that Daniel had ran, and he slightly laughed. "Yea, like big bad Daniel would hurt her," he said, and turned around and smiled at her. I clenched my fist. "Let's just go. Daniel will find his own way back," I said, and started to walk towards the direction of the house. Though it was about a mile from here, I and Liam didn't really care. We had the strength of 300 men; we could walk a million miles and not fall. I knew Liam would carry her if she got tired. Liam started to follow me, but she stayed still. I turned around and looked at her. "Come on-"
  8. ~*~*~Daniel~*~*~ "Destiny..."
  9. ~*~*~Liam~*~*~ "Destiny..."
  10. ~*~*~Alex~*~*~ "Destiny..."
  11. ~*~*~Destiny~*~*~ I looked at Alex and Liam. I was still in shock that Alex told me that my dad had died. Also, Liam had just held me in his arms. It was so... magical. But, I should think of that right now; I was in danger. I looked at Alex. His emerald green eyes shone in the moonlight and the light reflected off his shiny pitch black hair that was always messy. He held his hand out to me. "Destiny, are you coming," he said. I was still for a moment, but then walked over and took Alex's hand. He smiled and started walking into the forest. Liam walked behind us. I somehow wished I was still hugging him, my face pressed against his abs. I loved his longish surfer blonde hair and his ocean, crystal blue eyes. He was the perfect guy for me, if only he was single. Alex had told me he was dating Kelly, one of the hottest girls in the school. After a while of walking, I seemed to grow tired. We had been walking for ages, and it seemed like we were miles away from any building. "Destiny, do you want me to carry you?" Liam asked as we walked, placing a hand on my shoulder. I had to say yes; my feet were killing me. Liam picked me up and carried me in his arms. I was so tired, within minutes I had nestled my head in his chest and had fallen asleep...
  12. ~*~*~Alex~*~*~ "Liam..." I heard Des mumble as she snuggled her head into Liam chest. I glared at the forest out in front. I hated how Des liked Liam. He is a b***h; why couldn't she see that? Just then, a usual sent caught my attention. I held a hand out to my side and stopped in my tracks. Liam stopped as well, holding Des tighter to him. "What is it, Alex?" he whispered to me. I didn't answer. The air wasn't full of the sent; maybe there was just one of them. It wasn't Daniel; I knew sent too well to smell him a mile away. I looked at to the darkness of the trees, waiting to spot whatever it was. There it was, in the bush. I stared at it as it slowly came out of the bush. It was a very strong looking wolf, brown fur and hazel eyes. I knew this wolf; it was Erik. "What do you want, Erik," I quietly said to him. Erik chuckled, his wolf voice rumbling his laughter. "You know what I want, Rava," he snarled back. How dare he. I hated my surname. I didn't answer back, for, like he said, I knew what he want. "You're never getting her," Liam shouted from behind me. Erik chuckled again, slowly walking forward. As he walked, he turned back into human form. "Oh, hello Yalin. I didn't see you past Rava," Erik laughed. I could feel Liam stare at him. "Look, Erik, just go. She's had a tough day, and if you take her now, I'm sure you'll never get to even ask her to marry you, because she'll bite her tongue off, commit suicide. She tried to do it when we kidnapped her." Erik laughed at my excuse. "Rava, you really are stupid." This worked me up...
  13. ~*~*~Liam~*~*~ I could see that Alex was phasing up. I had to calm him down, or, when he killed Erik, he's try and kill me, or even worse, Destiny. "Alex, I think you should-" I started when Alex turned around and glared at me, eyes golden. "Shut up, Liam, you f*-" He was stopped by Erik turning back into a wolf, and lunging at Alex. I turned and ran to get Destiny to safety. Behind me I could hear Alex trying to fight Erik, though I knew, even though Alex has a strong soul, sometimes it overpowers his mind. By the sound of things, Alex had knocked Erik to the ground, and Erik called for back-up. I kept running, holding Destiny tight to my chest. "It's ok..." I whispered to the sleeping soul in my arms. She tossed and turned as if she was having a nightmare. Out in the distance I could see the manna. The white mansion I had grew up in. The great hall where I last saw my father. But, those are just memories. Now was when I was suppose to focus. Destiny's life is in danger, and she's in my arms; literally. I stopped just outside the door, looking around to see if any of the wolves had followed. Nobody was around. The only sound was my panting breath and the gently beat of Destiny's heart. I reached out and opened the door and slowly walked in. The whole place was dark and quiet. I didn't dare turn the lights on; the werewolves would see that Destiny and I were home. I walked up the stairs and to my room and lay Destiny down on my bed. For about half an hour I watched her sleep peacefully. "Oh, Destiny. If you only knew how I felt. You're so---
  14. ~*~*~Destiny~*~*~ "--- beautiful, and no wonder you're the p-" Liam stopped by the sound of the front door slamming close. Alex must have come back. And, by the sound of things, he was phased up. Liam sighed and walked downstairs to greet him with a pet talk. I stayed in the bed, eyes closed, trying to go to sleep. I had been awake the whole time. I was trying to find out why everything was happening to me! Downstairs I could hear Alex shouting at Liam. Ok, I guessed being phased up means getting angry, or something. "Why the f**k didn't you help!" Alex shouted at Liam. "Well-" "I don't give a f**k! I had it handled," Alex interrupted Liam. Just then, it sounded like either on of the two of them attacked the other, and the shouted stopped...

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