Dream Love Tale... ~EXPLANATION!~

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HEY! Are you confused about DLT? Well, once you've finished this, YOU WON'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Created by: storyqueen

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  1. Hey there! Welcome to this amazing quiz! Well, are you confused about DLT? Well, you've come to the right place! If you haven't taken DLT, then... TAKE THEM!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this is the place where I explain every character to you, and their relationship with the other characters! :D So, I'll start with Destiny!
  2. ~*~*~DESTINY~*~*~ Hey, I'm Destiny! As far as I know, I am a normal teenager who's been abducked by three guys, Daniel, Alex and Liam. I had no idea why they kindapped me, all I know that my best friend, Erik, is evil... Liam had been my crush for ages now, and I'm kinda glad that he's here. I hardly know Alex; he's in my maths class, I know that much! Daniel's just the emo that my sister, Tori (Victoria)use to date him. She's dated Liam as well, that's why it's a little awkward that I like him... But, Liam told me something that surpriced me. I, before I was shot with a poison bullet and got amnesia, was a powerful angel of the rein of the archangel, Deus. Deus is the angel of God and power. I had lots of powers, but, since the shot, I lost all of the powers except three; mind reading, teleportation and invisibility. Erik wants me so he can have my powers and to make me his queen. I hate him now! But, I've got to admit, he's HOT!
  3. ~*~*~Daniel~*~*~ Ok, I'm Daniel, not Matt! Matt was my old self. The old self that is brothers with Erik. Erik's a b----, and I hate him! I wish I wasn't his brother. He wanted to take over the world and take Destiny's powers, but, I left his side and gathered an army and fought him. I lost, sadly, and all of my solders, except Liam and Alex, were taken to be Erik's slaves. Even my best friend, Will, was taken. I didn't think I would ever see his face again. After that, I, Liam and Alex set out to protect Destiny, and try and keep Erik away. We successed for a while without Destiny knowing, but then she found out. We had to tell her that her father died; we couldn't hide that... Now we're here... I'm stuck in Erik's cells in his castle. He's going to hang me; I know it! He's just that evil! I can't get out of this..................
  4. ~*~*~Alex~*~*~ I get worked up by anything. Destiny dropped a crum when I gave her a sandwich before, and I just flipped! I can't help it! I've had a bad past, living on the streets. Everyone hated me, and gangs beat me every day. I barley lived. But then, a vampire came along and bit me, and left me half dead. BAM! I now drink blood and am immortal. Funny... I JUST HATED MY LIFE! At least I'm not like that b----, Liam, and that bozo, Daniel. But, there again, Daniel gave me a home. I fought against him, but we lost. We barley escaped... And now, I and Liam are trying to protect Destiny!
  5. ~*~*~Liam~*~*~ What is there to say? Life is complicated... Well, I think I better start by saying my past... Yea, good place to start. Well, my parents were vampires. That's why I'm a vampire. My mother was a good woman, and everyone loved her. My father, on the other hands, was a bad, bad man... I don't like to talk about him; it still gives me nightmares. But, he left me with a hole inside of me... Maybe I might tell Destiny, one day... (Me: ;D) Let's just say what my father did left me homeless, an outcast from my home contry, and everyone affraid from me. Daniel gave me a home, and I fought aside of him. I wanted to do good to this world, and helping bring down evil was a way to start. Though I hardly spoke, this made Daniel trust me. He knew there was a problem with me, and I knew he felt the same. Alex, on the other hand, tried to call me every name under the sun. I don't really care; as long as evil is overpowered, I'm happy!
  6. ~*~*~Erik~*~*~ I need Destiny with me. Nobody understands, they think I'm evil! No, I amd Destiny are meant to be together; I'm written in the stars. A werewolf of pure darkness will meet the future in an angel of great power. They shall create the vampire of love and die in each other's arms. That's how it's meant to be. But my stupid brother, Matt, or as he's called now, Daniel can't except that. He's telling everyone I want to take her powers... Why would I want to do that to the girl I love? I don't understand! We're both werewolves; I and Daniel. Well, that's all to say really, now f**k off! :P
  7. ~*~*~Will~*~*~ Matt- I mean- Daniel use to be my best friend. He gave me a home when I needed one, and I helped him overpower Erik... Only Erik stopped our army and took me and many more to be his slaves. I've tried to get away, but it was hard! Erik was so conserned that his guards would be stupid and let me escape that he made me his servant. I have to do everything for him; wash his hair, clip his toenails! If you ask me, he's pure evil! :P I'm gonna f**kin' kill him oneday! Daniel is like a brother to me! I want to help him. He keeps talking about his girl, called Destiny. I promised him that I will escpae and look after her is he gets hung. I can't bare to think of that!
  8. ~*~*~Light~*~*~ (Me: You don't know who Light is yet, ok!!!! He's coming in the next one! ;D) I've been watching over her the whole of her life. But, I can't believe I let her get into the hands of those creatures. That werewolf and those two vampires. They'll surly kill her. I need to get them away from her...
  9. Right, I think that's everyone! :D Good! If you have any questions, please comment! Look out for part three! Storyqueen Xxx :D

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