What's your dream beast?

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a dream beast is something to think about. they can be horses or even dragons! a dream beast is a creature that represents you and comes when you need help. they look divine.

When you are born, your beast is born. anyone can see it. You're never alone in the world. face the fact. Your dream beast gives you the inner power to crush the enemies. Now, take this quiz, and release your inner power!

Created by: Natasha Bird
  1. You're in you're bed at night, and you know the hunt must begin soon. How do you get out?
  2. What would you have?
  3. What is you're favorite time?
  4. what novels do you read?
  5. what would you do in your spare time?
  6. If you owned a castle, what would it be like?
  7. what beast is your favorite?
  8. if you owned a kingdom what wuld it be like?
  9. what would one law be?
  10. What would your battle strategy be?

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Quiz topic: What's my dream beast?