doyou know taylor swift

there are many fans of taylor swift.. but very few true fans of her like me. so if you like taylor swift and got all of the questions right you are a true fan!

Are YOU a true fan of Taylor Swift?Thank to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! So take this quiz it is short, and fun! Until now you can only wonder.

Created by: kelsey

  1. what is taylors full name?
  2. when is taylors birthday?
  3. what is taylors lucky number?
  4. what age did Taylor have her first kiss?
  5. where was Taylor born?
  6. At what age did Taylor become famous?
  7. What was her first song?
  8. TRUE? or FALSE? taylor first started to sing at fairs and parades?
  9. Is this quiz boring?
  10. Is Taylor mean to ppl?

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