So, you clicked on this quiz. Why? I doughnut know either!! Why are you asking me? Stop. Stop STOP!! Okay, well please leave. Oh, by the way. Leave me a box of doughnuts by the front door!

I doughnut know where you live! Good! You doughnut need to know. Okay, fine. I live in Cat City. (Yes, it is a real city!) Well, um. I doughnut know what else to say. So...

Created by: Misty Kitty

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  1. Hmm, why did u click on this quiz?
  2. Well, I will ask u some math questions!
  3. Okay, so what is cat plus dog equal?
  4. What is 1 plus 1?
  5. What is. Okay, I ran out of math questions! I suck at math. Got a C. I doughnut care!
  6. I am a cat....
  7. *yawn* Y R U still here?!
  8. Well, because u won't leave... I am bored.
  9. (No the doughnut guy will not shut up because he/she is awesome!)
  10. Last question!
  11. I lied!
  12. Bye!

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