what doughnut flavor are you

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this quiz is to determine what type of doughnut you are and what personality you and that doughnut share. the reason i created this quiz was because i love doughnuts and knowing the doughnut you are most like is something everyone needs to know.

do YOU like doughnuts, because if you do then this quiz is perfect for you. until now you could only wonder what doughnut you are but with this quiz it will only take a few minuets to find out.

Created by: fern elizabeth mansfield

  1. you have sustained an injury in your leg. how would it most likely to have happened?
  2. you come across a door witch the contents is unknown. the door just happens to be open, what do you do?
  3. when you have passed away what do you want people to do when you are mentioned.
  4. you are in a magical garden, what lures you the most?
  5. what do you describe yourself as?
  6. what is your favourite book genre?
  7. there are 4 drinks in front of you, each one known to cause mysterious side-effects. which one do you drink?
  8. what is your favourite smell?
  9. what is your worst fear?
  10. if you where stuck on a dessert island what would you take.

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Quiz topic: What doughnut flavor am I