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this is the 1st quiz of the series i'm hoping to make.please comment or rate or both. random stuff to say cuz i need to get to 150! bla bla bla bla bla

!!!READ THIS!!!!! U have rich brown hair that goes a couple inches past ur shoulder. u have blue eyes that have purple mixed in with specks of silver/grey...or u look like watever u wanna look like...HOPE U LIKE

Created by: Br0k3n PROM1S3S

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  1. Ur trying to escape all the yelling, the shouting, cursing. so u close ur eyes and try to block it all out,let ur mind escape into the darkness behind ur eyes.lets just say it didn't work, it's all u can hear and it's starting to get louder and louder until.......NOTHING it's silent,literally, and all u can do is Wait. wait for it to come back, for u to hear ur aunt and her boyfriend fighting about u....AGAIN
  2. U see ur all in this mess because ur mom is in jail and ur dad...well he's missing. and has been ever sense u were 4. so u live with ur aunt and her abusive boyfriend who r always fighting over u and how they dont want u there.
  3. So now we're back to "Now"...and it's still SILENT. so u slowly creep down stairs from ur attic of a room to see wats going on. u manage to creep down the stairs with minimum creaking and when u get to the last step u stick ur head around the corner into the dinning room area where they'r normally fighting and see...NOTHING. nobody's there, so u frantically search the house for some sign of the fight that u swore was just happening not even 5 minutes ago. the house is EMPTY, there's no one there. just u
  4. Ur a little nervous with ur aunt and her bf just basically leaving u. and ur so deep in though that u dont here the land line phone ringing and almost miss the call...When u answer it ur hoping its ur aunt telling u that she went to the store of something like that but
  5. But it's some dude... "Hello??" u answer maybe a little frantically "_________? Hi, My name is Jake." says the dude, apparently Jake " Um, How did u know my name?" u ask suddenly feeling a little creep-ed out that some random guy on the phone knows u."Well....u might just be better if we explain it to u a little later after we have successfully relocated u." he said. U got stuck on the words "we" and "successfully relocate u" and r for sure freaked out. Just as ur about to demand answers on wat the cheese he's talking about, the phone goes DEAD
  6. Out of the corner of ur eye. u see a shadowy movement from out the window. u slowly move into the kitchen and creep ur hand up the counter and slid it over to a knife to grab. just as u grab a knife. U hear beating on the back door and with one last THUD the door is wide open with a dark figure standing in the doorway..."_________? _________! _________?!" **why is this dude calling my name!!!** is all thats rushing through ur mind and as he slowly comes closer u get more nervous and ur shaking hand drops the knife and before u know it ur backed up against a wall and as the figure gets closer over his shoulder u can see more figures coming in. as ur hand hits the counter top u feel the handle of something...a skillet.
  7. U grab the skillet and put it in a ready position making sure they know that if they get any closer, u will hit them!the room is filled with silence and all eyes are on u. They have slowly cornered u against a wall with only about 2feet and a skillet in between u and them. u let ur eyes drift over them. the first guy has dirty blonde hair that falls just over his chocolate brown eyes, his nerdy glasses just seem to make him hotter. the second one has black hair that falls over his piercingly bright blue eyes.he's in all black which just adds to his hotness. the third one has dark brown hair thats shorter than the others but still slightly falls into his deep purple eyes. all of them are slightly muscular(not to much though)but the one with the purple eyes has a little more muscles
  8. "Wat the h*ll r u doin in my house!?!!" u manage to shout out as even as possible. the one with the chocolate eyes tries to take a step closer, which just causes u to raise ur pan higher so he just stays put, but slowly raises his hands as if to show he's backing off."I'm Jake." he says "Who?!?" u shout back "remember me from the phone?....i just called u" he says. u go through ur thoughts and remember the guy on the phone did say his name was Jake."So wat r u doing in my house?!?" u say, Jake opens his mouth about to say something, wen the guy with the blue eyes grunts then disappears before u. Ur staring at the place he just was and are struggling to find an explanation on where he went and how he did that. Wen the guy with the purple eyes grunts and walks over to the table in ur kitchen and sits down, like he's waiting for something that he knows is about to happen.
  9. Ur wondering wats gonna happen and are going back and forth staring at Jake and purple eyes. u've slowly gotten up from leaning on the wall. Out of the corner of ur eye u see a blur of blacks and blue as blue eyes slowly morphs from thin air back in to himself and is now behind u. he grabs ur neck and holds on a pressure point. u try to struggle but ur body is frozen. u really dont want to pass out but the darkness behind ur eyes that u know so well..seems like heaven right now. U slowly let go of the light and escape into the darkness. with the last thing u see being purple get up saying "Nice job,Kris"
  10. It's still dark and u cant open ur eyes but u can hear and feel still. ur drifting in and out of consciousness and unconsciousness but u can hear the familiar loudness of yelling. ur starting to think that the whole thing was just a dream, with the guys breaking in and u passing out. but there's something different about this yelling. first there's more than just 2 voices...second u dont hear ur aunt or her bf's voice...they'r all young and guy voices. and ur in a bed. but its not ur usual hard, lumpy, old mattress ur aunt gave u...this one is soft and u perfectly fall into it..u still cant open ur eyes but u hear heavy foot steps coming ur way..u stay still and listen closely so u can catch wat he says if he says anything. the door opens and closes pretty hard and u now know sure that someones in the room. u find ur eyes less hear. actually they'r extremely light! so u take a little peak at who walked in and see
  11. it's Purple eyes!! he doesnt notice ur awake cuz just as he turns around u close ur eyes. u hear more foot steps coming to the door and try to open it, but apparently purple eyes locked the door. "Open the DOOR, Dom!!" u hear the other guys yell...but he doesnt listen. u take another peak and purple eyes(Dom, as u just learned) is staring at u deep in though so he doesnt see ur opened eyes. Just them Kris appears in the room. he shoves Dom, Dom almost falls, then he goes to the door, unlocks it and lets the others in. they rush in and u notice there's another guy.
  12. he looks alot like Kris but he has lighter hair(it's still dark it's just slightly lighter than Kris's Black hair)and grey eyes that have blue speckles in them. He notices u awake and goes to Kris and whispers in his ear. Kris looks over and see's u "Thanks, Coop" he says to the guy and starts to walk over to u
  13. !!!Cliffhanger!!! please comment and/or rate tell me if u like it, who u got, suggestions

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