Don't You Hate High School? part 5

Welcome to the long overdue part 5 of Don't You Hate High School?!!!!! I'm sorry for it's being so late- I had writers block the size of Asia. But thanks to Bookworm, it's out!! So enjoy!! Also, the song for this edition is 'Thats What You Get' by Paramore. Look for it on YouTube

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Don't You Hate High School quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Mind blowing. That is this moment in a nutshell. Simply...mind blowing. My best friends in the whole entire universe were staring me right in the face, beaming at me, and all I'm doing is staring at them slack-jawed. What's wrong with me? I'm just sitting on the ground, staring up at them, dumbfounded. Xavier reaches out to me with one tan, smooth hand. I take it, my eyes never diverting from his. He smiled at me gently, and I mentally slapped myself. I snapped back to reality, blinking. I looked once more at Lauren. "OH MY GOD!!" I shriek, and throw my arms around them both.
  2. "What the heck are you DOING here?" I cried. Lauren beamed at me, her brown eyes glistening with tears. "Our dad got another new job. What're you doing here?" replied Xavier. I laughed in spite of myself. DUH. "Same. I can't believe this...Are you guys going to Whisperwood?" I asked. "Yep," Lauren said, nodding, "We start tomorrow." I smiled at her once more before looking at Xavier. He was looking at me weird. It was kinda creeping me out. "You okay?" I asked, my voice seeming to break the surface or his train of thought. He blinked and shook his head, his shaggy brown hair flying everywhere. "Uhm...Yeah," he replies in an awkward tone.
  3. I roll my eyes and laugh, taking them both by the hand and leading them into the dining room. Xavier sat across from me (which I'm regretting now, cuz he started up a game of footsie almost immediately) Lauren sat to my left, and Brianna sat to my right. My and Lauren and Xav's parents were old friends as well, so they struck up a conversation almost immediately. It was awkward for a bit between those of us under 21. Up until Bri got up from her chair unnoticed and snuck up behind Xav, who was pushing his food around on his plate. She shushed me and Lauren, both of us managing to brush our fits of giggles off as coughing. Bri roller her eyes at us, then raised her hands high. "TICKLE FIGHT!" She bellowed. Now, Xav is fast- but not fast enough for Bri. And she's got mad tickling skills.
  4. We all suddenly evacuate our chairs, poised to tickle for our lives, if it comes to that. Bri let's go of Xavier and heads straight at Lauren, who runs off as fast as possible, Brianna on her tail. Xavier looks at me mischieviously, and before I can scream at him to "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" I turn and run. But he grabs me by the waist and pulls me down to the floor.
  5. I'm laughing madly before he even starts to tickle me. But when he does, I go into a laughing spasm, unable to stop. Everything seems funny....... I don't even stop when he does. He looks down at me, still smiling serenely. "It's good to hearvyour laugh again, Iz," he says, and I nod the best I can through my spasm. He helps me up as I try to stifle my laughter.
  6. As the tickle fight begins to wind down and my thoughts begin to clear, I begin to think. How, in the name of all that is good and holy, did I end up in the same state as Lauren and Xavier?  I had moved here with hopes of getting AWAY from problems caused by their moving away, making new friends, starting over, but never fully forgetting them.  But still, here they are. I'm still debating how I should feel. I mean....yeah, they are my first best friends, but I can't help but feel like something At the same time, I can't help but feel excited. I mean, maybe Lauren and Bianca will get along. And I still have a chance with Xavier... I force a smile.  
  7. "So, what's new?" Lauren asks, when we all return to the table. What should I say? That I made a new group of friends, that my new enemy just happens to be some popular idiot with no life outside of magazines, or that I have multiple boys who seem mildly interested in me? I decide difinitively to leave out the last one, if not for my pride then for the sake of Xavier. "Well, I already have loads of friends at my new school!" I say cheerily. "Awesome, Izzy! And I think  Xavier has some news he would like to share....?" 
  8. Xavier glared at her and shook his head. Lauren rolled her eyes, then turned back to me, smiling. "Xav's got a girlfriend! Her name is Bianca Gelfrey," Lauren replies. My stomach, which had been feeling like it held living butterflies when I saw Xavier, now feels like each of those butterflies has been replaced by a lead ball. My new friend is dating my first crush... I don't even hear Lauren and Xavier's attempts to ask me if I'm doubt there must be some expression of pain on my face.... I should have expected this... I mean, he had to move on.
  9. It was stupid to think that I could just return to the way things had been before they moved. Still, how in the name of all that is good and holy did Xavier end up dating Bianca? "Bianca...Gelfrey?" I ask uncertainly, my voice shaking. Xavier, regarding me in a concerned manner, nods. "My mom and hers were friends from college. We moved here a couple weeks ago, and we went over to Bianca's get it," he said, sounding distraught and uncomfortable. "Why, do you know her?" "No," I say after a long pause, "I have no idea who she is."
  10. Xavier nods, somehow knowing I haven't told the whole truth. But I'm serious. I don't know who she is. I thought I did, but it turns out I really know nothing about her. I know I shouldn't be mad at her for dating someone who had emotional ties to me, ties she has no idea about, but this news could not come at more worse a time. I plan in my head how to confront Bianca about the situation tomorrow....and steer her clear of Xavier while I go. Also, I need a plan on how to avoid Vincent- I mean, I guess the situation isn't has bad as I made it sound, but I really don't want Shelby for a bigger enemy than she already is. Vincent for me. 
  11. "Izzy," Lauren says, pulling me away from Xavier, "I'm sorry. I tried to stop him. Ive always had this feeling that we would meet again, and, for your sake, I wanted him to be able to be with you this time. I'm sorry..Izzy, I'm sorry.." she says. I smiled gently at her- she really is my greatest friend- and say, "That's alright. If Xav is happy, so am I," I say, but I'm really thinking, 'I am going to question the hell out of everyone.' She smiles back and we walk back to Xavier and join him at the table. 
  12. That night, after I had finished waving at the retreating car of the Milones, I walk back inside and collapse on the couch. I instantly fade into and endless-feeling sleep....'Izzy, did you hear,' asks Bianca, 'Xavier and I are engaged!!!' She holds up her hand, showing me a diamond the size of my eye. Aren't you happy for us, Izzy? Izzy?......"Izzy, are you even listening?" Bianca asks irritably. I snap back to reality. I'm in the school cafeteria, yet I have no memory of anything at all except falling asleep last night. "Izzy, are you alright? You've been out of it all day," asks Nathalie. I regard her and say, "Yeah...I've had things on my mind lately..." I say slowly. Arching and eyebrow, Bianca asks, "What kind of 'things'?" 
  13. Great. Now she's suspicious. "Nothing to be concerned about. So...I'm sorry what were we talking about?" Emily, the only one who didn't exchange 'she's crazy' looks with someone, says, "The Welcome Back Warriors Dance. It's next Friday." REALLY?!? OH MY GOD!!!! This couldn't come at a more horrible time!!! My life is being twisted and turned and cut into a million little pieces, things are getting confusing, and on top of all that, despite it being my SECOND DAY at this stupid school, I have a dance on my shoulders. 
  14. No doubt my friends will want me to go. They're just the type to force me against my will to do things I don't want to go to a Welcome Back dance. "You are gonna go, right," asks Jaime, alarmed at my lack of response. If only she could read thoughts....but maybe I shouldn't wish for that, the way my mind is twisted. "I'll have to think about it..." "Oh COME ON, Iz! We all know you're having trouble adjusting, and that crap-hole Vincent isn't helping at all, but what better way to relax and just have fun then to go to a party?!" lectures Ally. 
  15. "I don't know, guys. They'll still be there. It's not like I'll be able to forget the world...." "Hold on a moment. You said 'they'll'. Who else is giving you crap?" asks Bianca. I mentally kill myself for my stupidity. "Um...." "IZZY! we are you're FRIENDS. F-R-I-E-N-D-S! You can tell us anything!" shouts Nathalie. I sigh. "This is one thing I really don't want to talk about. For the sake of our friendship. I don't want to talk about it." The girls nod, but Bianca continues to look at me stonily. "What?" I ask. She grabs me by the wrist ( it's becoming a bad habit of hers) and drags me to the bathroom across the hall. 
  16. "Izzy, you are my best friend and I love you. I hate to see you hurting like this. I know you too well and I've only known you two days. I want to know what's going on. Who is causing you pain?! I'll kick their-" "Xavier Milone." the sound of his name stops her rant immediately. "W-who...h-how did you-" "We're friends from childhood. He was my first crush and he moved away just as I found out he liked me too. We were the best friends, me, Xavier, and his sister, Lauren. I found out last night that you him." Bianca shakes her head, tears starting to form in her brilliant green eyes. 
  17. "Y-you weren't supposed to know......" "Why wasn't I supposed to know?!" "H-he....still loves you, Izzy. Xavier Milone still loves you." 
  18. Alrighty, another big thanks and shout out to Manyetha- er, I mean Bookworm123!!! Without her, part 5 would never have come out. I was seriously thinking about discontinuing both of my series, but Bookworm saved them!!! So, go thank her, and read her Doctor Who Love Story! She's a genus!!!
  19. And as always, feel free to comment, rate, and email me at calypso1315@gmail with any questions, comments, or suggestions about the series!!! I love you all and thank you for your support!!! Fly you high!!!

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