Don't you DARE click me

Why did you click here I don't know why know aliens has captured you, that is not good. Not good at all. You should not have clicked here and now you are sorry.

Are you going to survive I don't know you don't know either. I can save you, but you have to persuade me that you are worthy to survive. In a few minute you should find out.

Created by: Moonfeathers

  1. You clicked me. I told you to not click me. Why did you click me?
  2. Fine. Since you clicked me, I will now have to exterminate you
  3. Jk
  4. Ice cream or donut?
  5. Hahaha these are for me
  6. Jk again ice cream and donuts for everyone
  7. Last question, do you think imannoying
  8. ...
  9. Huh uh where were we
  10. On yeah bye!

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