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And now you are gone I am so torn! All I saw, was a love in you! Heart so strong, and I always knew! You were mine, and I was yours! You are no more I can't ignore!

I found a picture, remember the night we spent, with us together, barely could pay the rent. It didn't matter, because you were my best friend, till the

Created by: bunniesrule

  1. This quiz is going to be random gibberish
  2. fwds78huj428dshjewd
  3. 874jd8e690iona?--pr-f
  4. e87fwudsrewdsnqsai
  5. re27fydr8ewqdsaoie
  6. 87ehufj8wiqdkjsaz
  7. 09lkh-[pljhpqa
  8. r4e87ywudsxz
  9. r28e9wfu9wqisaqass
  10. 98y4gjq9iaqaws

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