I'm a VERY sensitive, unique, misunderstood girl. Sometimes ppl THINK they know me, only to be disappointed later when they find that there's more to the puzzle... This especially applies to my love life. My heart isn't super-complicated or anything--actually, it's wonderfully sincere & simple, which can sometimes cause problems--It's just that my heart doesn't favor the manipulative heart games, or feigned emotion that's akin to SO many romantic relationships today.

Nowadays, I find that I spend almost as much time explaining or defending my own emotions, as I do staying true to them. It's hard trying to remain sincere & pure in a world teeming with manipulative hearts. How can any of them ever truly know mine?...It can be worrisome sometimes, but I try not to. Anyway, you may take the below quiz to find out whether or not you truly know ~/*EternallyElisha/*~'s heart:

Created by: EternallyElisha

  1. How old was ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ when she formed her very 1st crush?
  2. Who was EternallyElisha's 1st superstar crush?
  3. When did ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ experience the lovely, foolish emotion of infatuation for the 1st time?
  4. What were the initials of this "fine smooth-talkin young tenderoni" ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ had it BAD for in the 8th grade?
  5. How old was ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ when she experienced her very 1st kiss?
  6. How old was ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ when she had her 1st REAL boyfriend?
  7. At what age did /*EternallyElisha/*~ 1st experience REAL love?
  8. How old was ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ the 1st time she TRULY got her heart broken?
  9. ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ believes that you should ALWAYS follow your heart, regardless of what your mind tells you.
  10. ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ loves deeply, passionately, and unconditionally. She is utterly loyal in love and is actually in love with someone(besides her Lord) at this very moment but...
  11. Sometimes, ~/*EternallyElisha/*~ likes to purposely break mens' hearts to get back at them for all the times she's been played.
  12. If our good, dear Lord came down from heaven right now and inquired to her, "Elisha, of all the men of this earth, ruled by good or evil, which would thy sincerely choose for a husband?" Without thinking twice, E would say probably just blurt:

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Quiz topic: HOW WELL do I "THINK" YOU KNOW EternallyElisha's HEART?