A wolf love story

Who do you think is your soul mate? The kind handsome Tiger? The secretive Snakeflail with a torn ear? Or the clever Gravel? Take this quiz to find out

Viewer discretion is advised whatever it means I have no idea in the comments plz tell me also tell me who u got :-) MADE BY WolfXPrime ITS SO AWESOME NO NOT REALLY JUST LOOK OK????

Created by: WolfXprime

  1. OK your name is Spark you are a trainee and you are a girl :-)
  2. Your friend Tiger, a large brown wolf with dark green eyes, comes over and asks if you want to train with him and Feral. Your reply
  3. If you said yes do this question So... Tiger said as you walked with him to the training field. I didn't actually want to train he replied mildly I wanted to show you something
  4. If you said no Tiger grasps you by the scruff and pulls you to a small meadow. Its about sunset, so the colors of the sky are purple and yellow. All of the sudden, your mom, who died saving alpha, appears and whispers in our ear, follow the right path.
  5. Then, a Smaller black wolf with a torn ear comes with a cruel expression on his broad fuzzy face You know his name is Snakeflail, he is a hunter. You say
  6. Snakeflail lashes his tail, beckoning 2 other wolves. Tiger looks in shock at the female you
  7. The other wolf, a gray and white wolf with light Amber colored eyes, sits next to you and whispered meet me here tomorrow afternoon you say
  8. He speaks again my name is Gravel. What is yours?
  9. Spark. What a beautiful name. He started to murmur some words. You could make out Flail of Snake Claw of Tiger, Pelt of Gravel, Spark of Fur. 4 makes 1, And a black sky makes none.
  10. A completely black wolf appears. He is your father, Blacksky. you recall the words black so makes none and realize your father has come to aid.
  11. Cliffhanger 8D (--(-.->-)

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