Don't Forget To Eat Your Pasta

This is a Creepypasta story, which it only stars Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and LuLu. You are a teen, but your gender doesn't matter. But beware, this story does contain some scary scenes.

In this quiz, you can die right in the middle of it. If you do, please exit this quiz honestly. If you don't... shame on you. Anyway, I hope you guys have a very merry Christmas, Hanika, whatever!

Created by: Berryheart
  1. Warning: This quiz contains depression, insanity, abuse, and gore. If you get scared easily, beware. This quiz also contains Creepypasta. Continue?
  2. You press 'continue'. Words in a white box appear on the screen in front of you, "There is no going back now." You press a confused thought, then shrug. What could go wrong? Your mother calls up the stairs in a queasy voice; "(Name), could y-you, um, come down here for a second?" You wonder why, but then realize:
  3. You walk downstairs and find two policemen sitting at your dinner table. "What the..." you mother looks (If you chose A: Sober B: Depressed C: Worried).
  4. One of the policemen, the taller, more mature one, stood up. "(Name), your sister, (sister name), has died due to mysterious causes. I have to ask you to sit down and answer some questions." Your mother looks up pleadingly at you.
  5. If you chose A, please exit out of this quiz. You died after a policeman shot you because you where a primary suspect. If you chose B or C, you may continue. Please be honest.
  6. You look at a stack of weapons your father has in the hallway. You want to go outside, so you grab-
  7. (If you picked A, you're dead. Be honest and exit out of the quiz.) You walk outside and see nothing. You rest your weapon on a picnic table and lay down on the grass. White-gray clouds pass over you, and you hear a deep giggle. You sit up, and see a being. "Slender?" you whisper. You've seen this creature in pictures but-
  8. The being just stands there. You widen your eyes, wondering what to do. You sigh, and-
  9. A: Slender steps forward. Your confused, knowing he only eats children. Why is he stalking you? B: Slenderman makes a loud hissing noise. You look over at the table, where's that weapon when you need it? C: You hear a growl, "Stop. Crying." You look up and see him standing over you. You scream and bump up against your house.
  10. You watch him disappear out of thin air. You gasp and run back into your house, leaving your weapon outside.

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Quiz topic: Don't Forget To Eat my Pasta