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  • I had my long distance relationship for almost 4 years now, Our

    relationship was okay and good, but for some reasons I couldn't understand

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me for almost 3 weeks now, and it me sad,

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  • I'm 11, my bf and I started dating 2 months ago. Our teachers don't approve of dating, but we do anyways. My boyfriend and I are in a really good retaliation ship. He even talks to me about getting married and he said he would never break up with me in a million years! He has the sweetest texts ever!!

    • I have a bf too i am 12 and we have been dating for a year, he always tells me how bwatiful i am and he never makes a promise that he can't keep he keeps saying that he wants to marry me! i love him so much he calls me so many pet names and treats me right

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  • I honestly don't know if my boyfriend for 5 weeks is still in love with his ex girlfriend's he does play video games all the time but I think he has someone else when we fight I bring up his exes he protects them

  • im bisexual and im happy with the girl im with now, you might know her Magicmovement,the one who made Mystery Solvers and Who Killed Kate Williams. We've been dating for 2 years. I love you babe

    Copy n Type
  • Hiya
    I'm only 7 and i've been kissin since 8/3/'13

    I can not believe it I kissed her 3 times and she still wants to kiss me over and over again!

    I just can not believe it!

    Portal master
  • 94% EEEK! I LOVE HIM!
    today he texted me. here's what he said:

    if i had a state in my hand for every time you made me smile i'd be holding the world

    dedicated to my babe

  • i called Robinson by his number + 19715126745 and he told me what is needed and after 3 days, he restored my marriage, i and my husband came back together as a married couple again, i am so so so so happy, my marriage was saved by ROBINSONBUCKLER AT YAHOO DOT COM

  • He not only came back but he asked me to marry him! I thank you Dr.Obodo for your help here is where to contact [no emails] or cell +2348155425481 Betina, Alabama, USA.

  • omg i love my boyfriend

  • How do put my relationship test... know if my girl friend loves me...

  • Hurrah... I l0ve my gf 83%,but still i m nt happy, it sh0uld be 100%,b/c we l0ve each other s0o s0o much...she luvs me m0re than i...

    Me 4rm pak..

  • I l0ve u my wife my life..

  • i love my girlfriend so much we havvent kissed yet but we will kiss a knother day

  • i am only 13 yearr n i hav been datin my gf 4 d past 8 months..we hav kissed a lot ..but we both hav nt ad sex yet but sumday we wil ..i luv u @ victoria, i luv xo much ...

  • i think of him 24/7 and im having phone probs and I WAS TEXTING HIM >:((( NEVER TRUST AT&T!!!!!!


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