Does Your friend have a fake boyfriend

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There are so many girls with boyfriends, but your friend's could be FAKE! After all girls sometimes feel insecure and create a fake BF. Take this quiz to find the truth!

Does SHE care about him? Does SHE Fake talk? Are these question's answer yes? Well, you need a quiz to see what's under his personality Find out right now thanks to me!!!!!

Created by: Lili
  1. Does she make him too perfect
  2. Does he have a social page but he only has you and her and her friends on his page?
  3. Does she pretend to call or text him?
  4. When he emails you he has her grammar issues?
  5. Have you met him?
  6. Has she send you a pic of him?
  7. Do you think he is fake? (Be honest)
  8. Does she really seem in love?
  9. Does she talk about him all the time?
  10. Last question: Have you realized something when you took this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Does my friend have a fake boyfriend