Is your friend fake? (Girls)

So, almost everyone comes across a fake friend in they’re life. Whether they are manipulative, rude, attention seekers, drama queens, or just plain old mean, we’re here to help you figure it out.

Some friends aren’t fake. You can only shine with bright stars surrounding you, this is a simple quiz to finally tell you whether your friend is fake or not.

Created by: Leah
  1. Has she ever flirted with your crush or dated one of your exes? (Knowing they are your crush/ex)
  2. Has she ever spread a rumor about you or another friend?
  3. Does she guilt trip you?
  4. Does she criticize your appearance?
  5. If you win an award, what would she say?
  6. How dramatic would you say she is?
  7. How jealous would you say she is?
  8. What would a safe friend say to you about her?
  9. How often do you fight?
  10. Has she ever gave you a backhand compliment? (“I love your shirt, but blue isn’t your color”)
  11. Does she tell you about how bad her life is, constantly, and expects you to fix all of it?
  12. Has she read your texts or asked you things you weren’t comfortable saying?
  13. When you confront her about something she’s done lately, what would she be most likely to say?
  14. Does she take your advice?
  15. How demanding is she?
  16. Is she hypocritical?
  17. Have you ever tried to leave, but couldn’t because she said so?
  18. Does she talk too much?
  19. Has she ever made you ditch other friends for her?
  20. True or false time (doesn’t affect results)
  21. I can hang out with her in a group
  22. She claims to have mental disorders, but has no signs of them
  23. I think she is fake
  24. My friends/family think she is fake
  25. I don’t feel like myself around her

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Quiz topic: Is my friend fake? (Girls)