Does your friend think you're fat quiz?

Does your friend think you are fat or getting there? Is it frustrating trying to figure out what they are thinking? This test will help you figure it if your friend is hiding the fact that they think you are fattening up or if they think you are skinny. Don't you want to know?

Some friends are good friends and don't want to hurt you so they won't say anything. Maybe you are skinny and are a bit too insucure with your friendships? Either way they could be hinting anything but would never say what is on their mind find out here!

Created by: Danielle
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  1. What does your belly look like?
  2. If your friend were to take you out for your birthday, where would you ask him/ her to take you?
  3. Has your friend ever commented on your weight?
  4. When you walk does your body jiggle?
  5. Has your friend ever touched any of you fatter areas? (Belly, love handles, thighs)
  6. If you gained 40lbs while your friend was away what do you think their reaction would be when they saw you?
  7. Can you see your feet while standing straight? Can't lean forward...
  8. Has your friend ever had to help you get up because of your weight?
  9. How are your thighs?
  10. Has anyone ever called you fat?
  11. How do you eat?
  12. Do you want to get fatter?
  13. When you first became friend did your friend offer snacks or food when you would come over?
  14. When someone called you fat did your friends say anything?
  15. Does your friend want you to be fat if you could geuss
  16. What do you weigh

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Quiz topic: Does my friend think you're fat quiz?