Is Your Friend Hiding Something?

Sometimes you notice that your friend seems to be acting strangely. But is it a secret that's seriously affecting their life, or is it just something more normal?

Take this quiz to find out. Of course, this is only meant to be a basis, and I try to make the results accurate, but it's possible it's innccurate, so be warned.

Created by: Als
  1. Does your friend ever seem to be unusually quiet?
  2. Does your friend happen to be good at acting/holding themselves together when bad things happen?
  3. Is your friend very bipolar?
  4. Does your friend tell you about their problems?
  5. If your friend does tell you about their problems, what kind of problems are they?
  6. When they tell you about their problems, how much do detail do they go into?
  7. How much do you ACTUALLY know about their personal life?
  8. Does your friend get really worked up over some things?
  9. Does your friend seem to put on a brave face?
  10. Does your friend ever seem to be in really bad shape for days at a time?
  11. Last question. Are you perceptive to other people's emotions or not?

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Quiz topic: Is my Friend Hiding Something?