What is hidden behind your smile?

Hi, age and gender NEVER!!!counts in my quizzes. This is to basically see what are you hiding behind your eyes. What are you hiding? Find out and SEE!!!

If my result offend someone or others I'm sorry. And if they don't match you I'm sorry. If they do match you than coo. I'm not going write another paragraph:)

Created by: mcr111
  1. Can you read people's emotions well???
  2. Before you lie, do you figure out how you can dig yourself out before you actually attempt the lie?
  3. Can you honestly say you happy?
  4. Do you tend to hide who you are to make others happy?
  5. What color do you like?
  6. Do you like to learn?
  7. What type of movie genre do you like?
  8. Do you wish you could speed up time?
  9. Do you wish you could slow down time?
  10. Pick a word?(yes this mattes)
  11. Could you live alone?
  12. DO you often feel isolated sometimes?

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Quiz topic: What is hidden behind my smile?