What do people HATE about you???

There are many reasons people hate each other, whether its cos they are attention seekers, total drama queeens, Violent or just generally nasty everyone has their own opinion

I have selected five different reasons, you will be one of them. I will not tell them yet you'll simply discover at the end... DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE THOUGH OR COMMENT NASTILY!!!

Created by: Sammierox1997

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  1. You get called Fat, how do you respond????
  2. It is the 8th anniveresry of your fishes death. What do you do????
  3. You fall over and graze your leg in P.E. You????
  4. Your on a diet but your parents make you eat a whole 14" inch pizza to yourself. How do you respond???
  5. Your going away for a week with school to Switzerland. Your sat in the coach and your parents are waving off, You?
  6. Your still on your coach journey what are you doing??
  7. You get your first kiss, how do you react???
  8. Right which do you think you will get?
  9. Last question!!!
  10. I lied LMFAO!!!!
  11. Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(all the others had an effect except this one)

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