Is Your Best Friend Fake?

Ah, fake friends; We’ve all had them. In fact I just got over some, and as a way of remedy I guess, I decided to create a quiz to help girls (and boys, it’s mainly a girl quiz (-:) who are going through what I did.

WARNING This may contain language you’re not a fan of on question 5, so be prepared. This is also not 100% correct, so don’t take these answers too seriously.

Created by: LexicalBittyAngel

  1. You just got the news your friend is going to Disneyland for her birthday, a once in a lifetime opportunity! She’s allowed three friends to go with her, would you be one of the three?
  2. Does your friend hang out with you a lot?!?
  3. Have you ever heard your friend talking bad about you?
  4. You just started a new sport that your friend does. You’re kinda struggling, while your friend could be team captain if they wanted! What does your friend do?
  5. Does your friend call you any names?
  6. Pick a color to describe your friend.
  7. Do you and your friend agree a lot?
  8. Has your friend ever lied to you?
  9. What’s a good word to describe your friendship?
  10. Would your friend die for you?

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Quiz topic: Is my Best Friend Fake?