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  • Hey it's the Person who made the Do you hate Justin Bieber as much as I do Quiz. Who in the Hell do you think you are Telling me your gonna Report my Quiz? I'll Report your Ugly face. You Your mama & Justin Bieber are Ugly Weird & Trouble Makers! I'm Jeishka & I made A Quiz How Much do you Know about Everybody hates Chris. if you wanna Comment like the Ugly witch you are! You can take that & Swallow! Whatever Ever Major Loser!

  • Don't listen to Jeishka. She hates everyone's quizzes!!! I got 60 something% and your probably right. He used to REALLY like me, but after my ex-friend and friend started filling his head with bulls***, he started to get more scared of me than liking me **depressed sigh**.

    Horse Rider
  • Wow Jeishka! Like, what. The . Freak. If you think anybody with sense will take your quiz,thats where you have it wrong. And ya know your comments are only backfiring, it true. Its totally time to shut the hell up, its annoying every one! Anyway, pretty cool quiz, I got 95%

    Luna Rocksters
  • Would you shut up Jeishika?! You're making no sence and I think you were talking about your self. And why would someone take your quiz and comment when you just made them feel bad? That was plain stupid! And how would you know what this person looks like? Like I said,STUPID!

    Any way,I got 50% and I have a crush on two guys,but I used the guy that I think he likes me.

  • Does he Love you? 74% 74%

    He really likes you and he does have a crush on you, he is just chicken to ask you out on a date. You would have you ask him out, you have a big chance with him.

  • Didn't I read this quiz before?

  • my result was 55% :(

  • I took this quiz for no feeping reason.

  • hey! YOU COPIED FROM MY QUIZ!!!!!!!!!


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