Does your crush like you?(doods only)

do you ever just wonder things like if your crush likes you? wanna find out? of course you do, so find out! take this quiz and see if she likes you dude!

does she like you? hate you, or maybe she MIGHT like you. well then you cant just sit there and do nothing! take this quiz and find out! best of luck!

Created by: minime

  1. Does she look at you and blush(could be a sign)
  2. do her friends tease her or you when you walk by them?
  3. does she stutter/embarris herself when she talks to u?
  4. does she talk to u a lot?
  5. quick dont think about _ _ _ _!
  6. the other question had no effect
  7. does she try to sit next/near you? (might be a sign)
  8. (might be a sign) does she brush her hair behind her ear when she talks to you?
  9. one more after this. does she jokingly bump into you?
  10. rate this? has (maybe has effect)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?(doods only)