Does he really like you!?

Wanna know if your crush really really likes you???!!! Does he do certain things that makes you wonder if he does like you???? If he does then take this quiz to be sure!

Take this quiz to find out if that super cute boy of yours really does like you! He can only be hiding a secret that he does really like you! Take this quiz to find out!!!

Created by: ieatskittlezz
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  1. Does he stare at you?
  2. What does he do to get your attention?
  3. How does he feel when talking to you?
  4. Do you know if he's actually listening to you?
  5. Does he sometimes end up the same places you end up?
  6. When you feel sad and he knows....what does he do?
  7. Does he try to 'touch' you?? Like...brushing on your shoulder,try to hug you,"accidently' touches your hand?
  8. Does he treat you different then other girls?
  9. Does he try to show off in front of you?
  10. How does his friends treat you?

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