Does Your Crush Like You?

In middle o high school, the most common thing is common and invisible; crushes. It is when you really like someone, maybe even think that they are attractive!

So, only one question lurks: does your crush like you back? If they do, then you are lucky! If they don't, then you are not screwed! Here is the quiz!

Created by: Suzuki Ichrio
  1. Do they always try to talk to you?
  2. Do they try to give signs that they like you, such as always pointing their feet at you, flirting, or touching you?
  3. Do their friends always act weird around you with him around?
  4. Does he keep pictures of him with you?
  5. Do you feel like he looks at you a lot?
  6. Does he tease you?
  7. Will you rate this quiz?
  8. Will you comment on this quiz?
  9. Do they try start conversations about your crushes, if you are dating someone, or who you like?
  10. Do their friends try to ask you if you like him?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You?