Dose your crush like you?

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This may or may not be accurate! I just wanted to let you know: There is PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA! I want to appreciate everyone who took this quiz! Hope you found what you are looking for!

Hello! My name is Olivia! I am the publisher of this quiz! I have plenty of experience with crushes. -Believe me- I am in middle school, going into high school. Thanks for taking this quiz

Created by: Olivia
  1. Do you hang out with them at lunch?
  2. Are you and your crush hang out? -Out of school-
  3. Do you have she/he 's number?
  4. Are you guys close friends?
  5. What do you think of this quiz so far?
  6. Are you guys in the same school?
  7. Do you think they flirt with you?
  8. Dose he/she annoy you???
  9. Are you in a relationship with some other?
  10. Do they except you for who you are?

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Quiz topic: Dose my crush like you?